Chris Rudnick

Executive Creative Director

With 12 years of experience providing creative solutions for clients within the healthcare advertising and communications fields, Chris has proven he is a true creative leader. His talents span from developing game-changing campaigns to designing memorable branding to innovating multichannel initiatives, all across a wide array of national and international healthcare brands. And this work has not gone unnoticed. Chris has countless awards to his name. Whether it’s being shortlisted at Cannes for his work on the Restylane Silk launch or the myriad of digital awards he’s gathered across a variety of different clients, these accolades demonstrate his knack for disruptive thinking. As Executive Creative Director at TBWA\WorldHealth, Chris continues to bring his creative talents to the major global brands he leads, including Galderma’s aesthetic portfolio, Amgen’s Prolia, and bluebird bio’s gene therapy launch.