Tatiana Lyons

Director of Client Services

Tatiana’s motto is “Always be evolving.” As Director of Client Services at WILDTYPE, this vision serves her well in leading her team, inspiring her clients, and creating an agency culture that embraces doing what’s never been done before.

Building talented teams who expertly partner with clients for long-term success is part of Tatiana’s core skillset—and a big part of what motivates her.

Tatiana’s expertise in launching and growing pharma brands spans geographies and therapeutic categories, from oncology to CNS, anti-thrombotics, respiratory, GI, and vaccines, working with clients including Merck, GSK, BMS, Sanofi, J&J, Novartis, Teva, and Eisai.

Prior to joining WILDTYPE, Tatiana was Director of Client Services for McCann Torre Lazur and then Chief Talent Officer for McCann Health North America. She is also a member of HBA’s Executive Women’s Outreach group, and a past HBA Rising Star.